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WSC offers training courses applicable to calibration managers, technicians and users of measuring instruments.  Utilizing learning techniques such as hands-on-activities, discussion and application you are offered:

Measurement Fundamentals and Performance Qualification Course - Individuals learn how to measure with, care for and operate measuring instruments with consistency. Specifically calipers, indicators and micrometers are covered.

Calibration Keys, Techniques and Performance Qualification Course - Individuals learn how to calibrate measuring instruments using proven methods in procedures as course instructors demonstrate then observe your techniques.  This one on one course provides you the best opportunity for learning and growth as the material is adapted to your needs.

Each course follows this outline:


Baseline Use and Measurement

Each participant is asked to perform typical measurements of course provided artifacts and samples.  The measurement data from this exercise will be recorded in training documents and identified “As Found”.


Attendees are supplied with the following documents to become more effective and efficient in application of:

  • Metrology Terms
  • Types, Characteristics and Details
  • Instrument Selection
  • Calibration Tips
  • Use and Care Instruction
  • Normalizing User’s Techniques
  • Sources of Measurement Uncertainties
  • Examples of Calibration Procedures
  • Seven Components of an Effective Calibration Program

Physical Training

Attendees are physically trained to perform measurement tasks by observing our experienced instructors as they demonstrate instrument use.

Validation of Training

A written exam and replicate measurements will close the course.  Performance Qualification Certificates are issued to attendees demonstrating acceptable understanding of course content.

Your Instructors

Lon Miles and Alan Bone of Western States Calibration bring 30 years of calibration and metrology experience to course attendees.  They will immerse attendees with information they can immediately apply in their field. Western States Calibration is Salt Lake’s most experienced metrology laboratory established in 1983. 


Attendees who do not demonstrate an acceptable understanding of the course material or technique will be permitted to attend an additional training session.

Please contact us for current course schedules and fees.